Kaatsbaan is dedicated to integrating dance into the lives of our youth and community through dance education workshops, special performances, open rehearsals, lecture demonstrations, coaching and training. Dance is recognized as an educational tool instilling focus, discipline, and patience into the learning skills of students and children of all abilities.

Kaatsbaan has brought the finest dance teachers, coaches and educators in the world to Dutchess County, New York. These highly-acclaimed individuals have designed dance programs for thousands of area school students.

 Kaatsbaan has designed and presented outreach programs for:

  • Rhinebeck & Red Hooks Schools

  • Poughkeepsie Schools

  • Local Dance Schools

  • Mill Street Loft

  • Mid-Hudson Children's Museum

  • Devereux Foundation

  • Daytop Village

  • The Fresh Air Fund

  • Ulster County Special Education Teacher Training

  • Dutchess County Children's Services

  • Poughkeepsie Youth and Performing Arts/Family Partnership Center

  • Emma Willard School

  • The Fountains of Millbrook

  • Netherwood Elementary School of Hyde Park